21 July 2017
Cucina open space


Modern kitchen and living room are more and more open: our advices for a perfect design!


Today the trend is to join in the same room kitchen and living room. And it is very easy to do thanks to the several solutions that allow stylistic continuity and at the same time a practical distribution of the functionally areas. These layouts need more attention from the point of view of plant and design, because compared to the most traditional they are totally different.

Cucine moderne Snaidero - Look - foto 7

Kitchen look – Sistema Collection - 

Hood like piece of furniture: which one choose

The kitchen area should be well ventilated and, when it looks down over the living room, the aeration must be guaranteed throughout all the space. The airflow, that is the device’s air flowing capacity (measured in cubic meter pro hour with a use at maximum speed) and the section of the evacuation duct should be suitable for the room volume. If this is hardly feasible, you can choose a filtering hood, which purifies the air and puts it back in the room, thanks to special filters.

Dettaglio su cucine ad angolo Snaidero - Orange - foto 13

Kitchen ORANGE with peninsula and central extractor

Cucine moderne Snaidero - Look - foto 5

Kitchen LOOK with open view hood and breakfast bar


Very suitable when the kitchen is in the living room and the peninsula allows to a wide surface where you can prepare, cook and eat, and often study or work!

The peninsula can have several functions. The common solution is the breakfast bar which you can use for eating for breakfast or as a dining table. this is why you have to consider that you need approximately 60 cm for every place. If the base unit is equipped with shelves and closed storage, for a comfortably sitting, the top should project 30 cm on each side.

Cucine ad angolo Snaidero - Orange - foto 7

Kitchen ORANGE  with U design

Dettaglio su cucine ad angolo Snaidero - Orange - foto 8

Kitchen ORANGE with double peninsula

cucine componibili Snaidero - Way - foto 2

Kitchen WAY with corner design and breakfast bar in wood


In the open kitchen on the living room, the island allows to better define the spaces and to divide the room without using walls. Snaidero proposes an adaptable solution which allows to have big flexibility without using particular units. You can build the modules with opening base units on both sides and on different heights. You can also obtain a useful place for studying or working.

Cucine economiche design Snaidero - Feel - foto 3

Kitchen FEEL with island and breakfast bar

cucina moderna Way

Kitchen WAY with island

Dettaglio su cucine componibili Snaidero - Look - foto 7

Kitchen LOOK with island and built-in table


The continuity between kitchen area and living can be interrupted using open elements, which can be like a “glue” between the rooms, and offering at the same time a practical, defined and decorative solution. 

Dettaglio su cucine ad angolo Snaidero - Orange - foto 7

Kitchen ORANGE with built-in open cabinets in the tall units area

cucina moderna Joy

Living room from collection Everyone

Dettaglio su cucine ad angolo Snaidero - Orange - foto 3

Kitchen ORANGE with built-in open units

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