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09 June 2015
ricetta maccheroni alla pastora


Maccheroni "Pastora" is a South Tyrol tipycal dish also called "Macaroni Hirten". An important and tasty sauce, very rich but definitely worth tasting.

Maccheroni "Pastora" is a South Tyrol tipycal dish also called "Macaroni Hirten". It 'a collection of savory ingredients, which you will certainly find in every farm and Tyrolean restaurant.

320 grams of Pasta, macaroni
150 grams of Ground veal, Ragù
1/2 Onions
50 grams of Green peas, fresh
10 grams of Dried mushrooms
100 grams of Pancetta, cubes
100 milliliters of Cream, liquid
5 grams of Parsley
1 dash of Table salt
1 dash of Black pepper

Soak the mushrooms for at least 2 hours.
Make the chopped onion and put it in a pan without adding fat. Toss a couple of minutes and add the bacon that will release the fat needed to cook these two ingredients. Meanwhile, cut the mushrooms into strips squeezed and deprived of their water.
In the pan with the bacon add the mushrooms, cream, sauce, salt and pepper. Cook a few minutes over high heat, then turn down and finish cooking (about 20 minutes). Five minutes from the term that you add the peas shelled and did cook in another pan with half a glass of water.
Cook the macaroni al dente and add them to the sauce. Sauté all together two minutes and serve hot.

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