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17 July 2013
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Pantone has announced all the colour trends for the coming 2014, suggesting new trends in interior design and furnishing.

The new range of colours proposed by Pantone View Home + Interiors 2014 are extremely refined and warm, with just a pinch of madness.
Pantone View home+interiors 2014 is a collection of colour trends created to help interior designers make the right choices in terms of shades and combinations when furnishing homes and indoor areas. Nine palettes are proposed for 2014: Techno Color, Physicality, Sculpted Simplicity, Fluidity, Collage, Intimacy, Moda, Tribal Threads and Eccentricities. . So here are the new colour palettes for 2014:

Techno Color, influenced by the progress made by technology with a multi-faceted emerald green, a truly intense orange, a turquoise blue and intense purple, as well as a very deep blue, almost black, and dark lemon yellow.

Physicality, colours of power and energy including forged iron, satellite grey, antique moss, olive green, lavender, grape, pinky brown and peaceful grey.

Sculpted Simplicity, very simple background colours, with nuances like travertine marble, dark anthracite, ice "blanc de blanc" white, dusk violet, anodised brown, ethereal grey and a little silver.

Fluidity, an essential palette, not just with blue in recollection of water, but also blue-greens and brighter nuances. We also have the colours of seaweed and marine creatures, like absinthe green, tulle violet, sunny Samoan, wild blackberry violet and two different corals.

Collage, the symbol of rediscovery and nostalgia, with colours with a great emotional impact like tea rose, dark red rhubarb, spicy pumpkin, daisy green and provincial blue.

Intimacy, pastel hues blending with warmer tones. We have gardenia white, lotus flower pink, cloud pink, light blonde, coffee cream, pale lavender and opal grey.

Moda, the trendiest palette with hues such as red, blueberry, woody violet, yellowish green amber, Corsica blue, matt magenta, lily green and golden yellow.

Tribal Threads, nuances with character as well as other, more neutral options, like whitened sand or kangaroo brown, burnt orange, imp blue, curry and black pepper, as well as a very special pink and purple.

Eccentricities, the most unique palette, with colours you simply would not expect, like neon green, spicy lemon, nectar yellow, intense blue, caramelised brown, very hot red and white and black, the classics.

Technical guide of the colour trends 2014

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