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Purchasing a kitchen is an emotional and fundamental moment when furnishing your home; this is because now more than ever it represents the heart of the home, a place that is both intimate and convivial.  In new homes the kitchen is often centrally located, usually situated between the living area and sleeping area.  All Snaidero kitchens, regardless of their different materials and styles, are designed to "dress" the living space in a practical and modern way, providing solutions that are both aesthetic and functional.  Here are a few composition ideas for designing your future Snaidero kitchen.

The linear kitchen

This is the most compact solution for arranging the various elements of the kitchen (sinks, domestic appliances, worktops, storage units, etc.).  It is advisable to use this type of composition above all if you have a long and narrow space. The size should however fall within certain limits; otherwise there is a risk of creating disproportioned spaces that are not very functional. With this configuration the plumbing, gas and electrical attachments are all located along the same wall. 

Corner kitchen

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The corner layout is one of the most functional configurations with regards to the distances between the refrigerator, sink and hob.  In fact it is easy to create an ideal triangle with this configuration, inside which a person can move easily and always have everything within easy reach.  If the space you have is compatible with this configuration, make sure you create logical connections between the different functional areas in order to make domestic tasks easier and more functional. 

Kitchen with central island unit

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If you have enough space for it, the kitchen layout with a central island unit is the optimum solution.  It provides a broad freedom of movement as well as the pleasure of working and cooking whilst facing the living area instead of a wall.  We recommend this configuration where there is a large amount of space available. If you decide to place the hob and/or the sink on the central island unit, several measures must be taken: there must be space for the suspended extractor hood and the outlets for the gas and water pipes, as well as the electrical wiring, must be positioned in the centre of the room.

Kitchen with peninsula unit

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One of the latest trends in residential building is joining the domestic space with the living area to create an open-space environment that demands great adaptability of the modular kitchen.  The open space becomes the focal point of the home, whether it is a studio or a loft.   Snaidero kitchens are modern kitchens also in the way they are able to reflect this evolution of the living space. They allow you to customise and articulate the daytime area, to integrate functions and coordinate elements, modules and materials. It is possible to coordinate the look of the living area with that of the working space, providing aesthetic continuity and at the same time offering specific functional elements for each area of the space.

U-shaped kitchens

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In this type of composition the kitchen occupies three walls and can be integrated with central island units.  The three sides of the composition can each be dedicated to a specific function, also providing a broad work surface for each operating area. In order for the space inside the "gulf" to be used in the most effective way, the room must be quite large (minimum recommended width 400cm).

The parallel kitchen

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As with the linear kitchen, the parallel kitchen offers the advantage of being able to locate all the plumbing, gas and electrical connections on one wall. There are no restrictions on the lengths of the equipped walls however.  In order to make the most of this feature, choose a configuration in which the operating areas are all concentrated on one wall and use the other one for storage. It can be awkward and not very functional to have two work areas opposite one another: you would need to make unnatural twisting movements to go from one work surface to the other. This type of solution is particularly well suited for kitchens that are used exclusively for preparing meals. 

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