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For over 70 years, we have been designing and manufacturing purpose-made home interiors. Discover the reasons of our specialisation!


Visiting Snaidero's factory in Friuli (a 115,000 square-metre structure), there is an exact point - located behind the pre-processing lines and in front of the finishing and assembly lines - that summarises in a glimpse, as you will come to understand, a sense of both the present and the future. In other words that which defines the production of a modular kitchen: from single semi-processed pieces, to the assembly of the finished product.

Hundreds of kitchens leave Snaidero's production lines, and each one of these is different from the next. The Company's true challenge was in fact to organise a large-scale industrial production system, whilst at the same time maintaining the level of customised craftsmanship that Customers have come to expect and that Snaidero has always guaranteed. This challenge was overcome by dividing the processes into two stages. Adopting a standardised process for all modules common to every kitchen model in the upstream part of the plant and dedicating all craft activities involved in the customisation process in the downstream part. It is in this latter part where skilled manual labour is essential, and where the Company's know how is best expressed.

There are essentially two ways of manufacturing kitchens. In one, almost all processes are carried out internally, thus allowing all the strategic stages that generate added value in the product to be managed directly in-house. In the other, the design of the models and assembly of the necessary components is carried out in-house, but the components themselves are produced elsewhere. Snaidero of course has always taken the first route, the only one able to solidly maintain the product's identification with the brand. This has always been - and still is - the Company's most distinguishing feature. Over the years it has focused evermore closely on the development of extremely flexible internal manufacturing processes that can be customised to meet the needs of every individual Customer.

The intelligent standardisation system for modules common to all designs contributes to keeping manufacturing costs within the parameters of an industrial organisation. In addition, this kind of system also facilitates the design logic, allowing for a personalised design matrix that characterises the Company, developed according to what we might call a unique concept of "transverse modularity". In other words moving from the classic and rigid 45, 60 and 90 centimetre models to modern and flexible models “made to the cm”, or even a fraction of a centimetre, based on individual requirements.

Once the Customer order has reached us from the dealer, the production lines are activated in different workflows, preparing every element of the kitchen in parallel. The individual order code for a cabinet includes other elements such as panels, worktops and doors. These are prepared according to the specific details of the order. Some of these are made from stock and then customised, others are built ad hoc, to the Customer's specific requests. There is therefore a specific manufacturing flow for each individual order. This optimises both costs and quantities as well as offering the possibility of almost complete customisation. These aspects of the process in particular are managed by an extremely specialised department comprised of forty highly skilled craftsmen fully dedicated to making "tailor made" components: in other words there is a true craftsman’s carpentry workshop right in the centre of our factory.

Another strong point of the manufacturing process designed by Snaidero is the process that allows for the extreme customisation of worktops. So extreme in fact that for the bestselling “Skyline” kitchen, the worktop is made directly from the specific drawing provided by the Customer when the order is placed. There are not many companies whose organisation provides resources dedicated to designing each individual worktop, with the specific aim of - literally - translating the Customer's wishes into precise technical input for production. During the manufacturing process an expert programmer translates the technical drawing provided by the designer or the Customer into a specific work program for the pantograph. The extraordinary result of this process is that every Snaidero Customer can have a kitchen with a unique worktop. This is because the Customer designed it himself and it was then specifically made only for him: a "tailor-made" product in the strictest sense of the term.

At the end of the manufacturing process, all the individual kitchen components are carefully wrapped and placed on specific trolleys, to then be recalled based on rigorous loading and delivery programs. It's clear that the complexity of the entire manufacturing process derives above all from the need for close coordination between the different workflows. The correct handling of information is therefore in this sense the necessary and fundamental basis for efficiently managing the manufacturing flow and delivery system.

Using its own modern extranet, Snaidero is connected to all its suppliers and Customers in real time. These in turn are then able to view the progress of their order at any given time. The hauliers, in turn, are also equipped with palm-held computers via which they are kept fully informed of the time allotted for delivering the kitchen. It is the extreme care taken in the efficient management of the entire process that allows the Company to adequately respond to its Customers' requests. All this with the distinctive quality and design that has always been able to guarantee the creation, manufacture and delivery of truly unique kitchens.

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